A Foggy Perfection: Maritza and Griffin’s Enchanting Wedding at Shelldance Garden

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As the honored wedding photographer capturing Maritza and Griffin’s special day at Shelldance Garden in Pacifica, I was met with an atmosphere that blended foggy mystique with undeniable perfection.

The day dawned with a gentle haze that cloaked the venue, adding an ethereal touch to the already enchanting Shelldance Garden. Nestled in a greenhouse surrounded by a kaleidoscope of plants, the setting provided a breathtaking backdrop for the celebration of love.

What struck me most about Maritza and Griffin’s wedding was the prevailing sense of relaxation that permeated the air. Despite the fog, everyone embraced the day with joy, creating an atmosphere where laughter echoed through the greenery. The couple’s choice of venue, with its diverse botanical wonders, only heightened the sense of magic in the air.

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